🎤 Founder Interviews

Learn about WindBorne’s latest fundraising news, the importance of weather forecast accuracy, and how this has been a decade in the works.
Learn how Loft Orbital is changing the space industry and Pierre-Damien's personal passion for exploration.
Ketryx is an AI-driven developer tool that helps safety-critical software teams (medical devices, automotive, aerospace, etc.) develop safer software…
Learn about Diligent's autonomous hospital hallway robots and how Andrea refined product market-fit along the way to success.
Learn more about Muon Space's satellite constellation for gathering climate data and how CEO Jonny Dyer came to this solution.
Learn Josh's top lessons on finding co-founders, selecting the right trends, avoiding red herrings, and building a global team
Meet Rohan Puri, CEO and co-founder of Stable, an ML-based SaaS platform for high-performing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, backed by Ubiquity…
A world’s first this week: AI voices were used extensively to deliver end-to-end dialogue within a major entertainment project. Just two days ago, on…
Learn how computer vision is transforming warehouse efficiency as well as Sensable CEO's robotics obsession
With their 10 customer payloads, these two satellites continue Loft's vision of making space simple for more users
Learn about Andy and his passion for keeping buildings standing.
Learn about Craig and how Halter's "cowgorithms" enable "software beyond the screen" for the dairy farming industry.