🤝 Investor Mindset

Use these short 10-minute videos from Ubiquity University to understand the philosophy and tactics of these critical startup financing documents/tools.
It's time to replace this well-intentioned but ultimately empty cliche with something much better for our ecosystem.
These motivating thoughts provide both inspiration and guardrails for a career in innovation.
Explore the process of launching a solo GP firm, investing in deeptech over 10+ years, and where the VC market is going
Getting to "yes" starts with knowing which of these 2 types of venture capitalists you're speaking with.
Ubiquity Ventures is able to respond to every pitch request within 72 hours - here’s how.
...and how the very best investors avoid these common misbeliefs
Learn what signals drove the investment decision to lead their 2014 seed round of funding
Learn how soon-to-be-public Rocket Lab and Spire are great examples of "software beyond the screen"
Exploring the parallels of mastering piano and startup board meetings
“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” - Arthur C. Clarke
As a VC, networking is something I love and do every single day. But all too often, I encounter other people whose approach to networking…